Welcome to Dubdisk Records, the UK's grimiest independent dubstep label!

Based in south-west England, we support a range of artists specialising in dubstep and other forms of electronic music. We don't put out anything which isn't dark and loud so everytime you see the Dubdisk logo expect to get your ears kicked in!

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Poisoner and Dreadnought team up for some DUB

 Bringing back some classic dubstep vibes with a feature collaboration from our newest and oldest artists! Raw dub in the classic way, check it out on our YouTube channel.

Lode returns with some oldskool vibes!

 Blasts from the past in as many ways, Lode is back with a brand new edition! As our most recent releases have done so well we're brining some classic sounds back to the forefront. Copies are available via our downloads page or from all good online retailers. 26.11.22